tee dee young

One of Our Own: Tee Dee Young

Young didn’t have to move to Lexington, he grew up here, and he didn’t have to wait until he died to become a legend of the blues music. He started his music at a very young age, and over 45 years down the line he still performs his outstanding music and commands attention and recognition as one of the top blues performers from Lexington, KY.

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support local bands

Buy the Band: Supporting Local Talent

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche was a controversial writer, but this statement rings true for all of us. Music is powerful and is enjoyed by almost every person alive. We all have a favorite genre or artist, and music seems capable of transporting us to places we never imagined possible. It is hard to conceive of a world without music.

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five below band

October Band of the Month: Five Below

Five Below is a great rock band who calls Lexington, KY their hometown. For those of you looking for southern rock, blue, and classic rock, this band strikes the right cord. Every band, including this one, develops their music based on the sounds they love and are influenced by. Some of the greats that have

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bluegrass featured image

Bluegrass: The Music

Of all the styles of music we could have written about first, why not start with the one that was named after the region we live in, bluegrass? Although this type of music is not the most popular, it’s history is rich and it is part of our roots.

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kentucky music

Humble Beginnings

Of the many things that make up the community of Lexington, KY, music is one of the most important. Of all the outlets that have existed in the world to express and entertain, music has to be the king. Even before people wrote, they sang.

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