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One of Our Own: Tee Dee Young

Young didn’t have to move to Lexington, he grew up here, and he didn’t have to wait until he died to become a legend of the blues music. He started his music at a very young age, and over 45 years down the line he still performs his outstanding music and commands attention and recognition as one of the top blues performers from Lexington, KY.

Young when he was…well…young.

Young is the fourth of six boys born to Rebecca and Leonard young. Young was not a privileged child growing up. His family worked hard for everything they had. Young’s parents separated, and family members took care of his two older brothers and left Dee and the other siblings with their mother where they lived in a one-bed roomed house. His mother joined a church when he was 10, and his father followed his mother into church, bringing their family back together.

Young’s intro to Music

Tee Dee Young started in music by playing the guitar sitting on a railroad at the age of 13.  Mr. Harrison Coleman was an elderly gentleman who mentored Tee Dee Young and exposed him to the basics of blues music. His father Leonard Young and his brother George Young influenced his music career as they both were singers too. Young formed his band at the age of 14 and began to perform in very small places like basements and parties. At 20, he started performing in more prestigious venues, such as the Cotton Club and Club Zero. Later, he began sharing platforms with recognized singers of the blues and R&B music like Johnny Rawis and Eddie Floyd.

Young’s Awards

Young has won many awards in his musical career. In 2011 he won the International Blues Challenge, the best blues band in the state of Kentucky, by Kentucky Blues Society Bowling Green, and the Beale Street Blues Kings award. In 2015 he won the best blues artist in Kentucky Lexington music awards. In 2016 he again won the best blues artist of the year in Kentucky Lexington awards.

Where to find Tee Dee Young

Tee Dee Young’s band is one of the oldest in Lexington. It has three members who have been together for years, and a few that have passed on and made way for new blood. The band started as Spontaneous Combustion, changed into Scandalous and is now Tee Dee Young’s band. Dee owns the Tee Dee’s Club at 266 E Second St, Lexington, KY where his band performs every Monday night. His music is a mixture of the ancient music style and the modern styles which give it a magical touch and it stands out in the contemporary music industry.

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