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October Band of the Month: Five Below

Five Below is a great rock band who calls Lexington, KY their hometown. For those of you looking for southern rock, blue, and classic rock, this band strikes the right cord. Every band, including this one, develops their music based on the sounds they love and are influenced by. Some of the greats that have come before Five Below and helped them find their way are bands like Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, The Faces, ZZ Top, and more.

Playing for Over a Decade

This year makes 16 since the group began rocking together, which is older than some of their listeners. Although they do perform cover songs, they have created and recorded several of their own works. If you are a hometown Lexingtonian, you might have heard Sweet Solitude, or Nasty Bed. In fact, Sweet Solitude was selected for the Life 2007 CD that was part of a drunk driving prevention campaign for The Midwest Rocker called “Ground Control.”

Five Below performs locally here in Lexington, and also has performed at places such as Jim Porters Good Time Emporium, South Side Pub, Eddie Montgomery’s Steakhouse, Phoenix Hill Tavern, and more. There are even places across Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio that this band is called to frequently to perform their musical stylings.

A Great Band, with Great Musicians

The band is made up of a lead vocalist named Shawn Black, a drummer Darren Howard, a bass guitarist named Dave Medley, a rhythm guitarist named Rick Fowler, and a lead guitarist named Vint Collins.

This band plays because they love music, and they love to play, but also because they love to provide you with a performance full of energy and great music. When you hear Five Below play, you won’t just sit on the perimeter and quietly take in the tunes. You are going to be up and moving to the music. You’ll feel it in your bones, and in your ears.

For more information on the Five Below Band, you can check out their website here.

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